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Dr. Susan Heitler


Have you been feeling distressed? Would you like to feel better as soon as possible, and with long-lasting improvement?  If so, please feel welcome to contact my office.

I am clinical psychologist located in central Denver, at Rose Medical Center.

I specialize in rapid alleviation of:

  • depression
  • anxiety
  • anger
  • marriage and other relationship difficulties
  • general emotional distress.

My treatment methods focus on

  • helping you to alleviate the life problems that have been triggering your distress
  • exploring with you to understand possible earlier roots of your current problems and
  • coaching you in new skills for addressing your current difficulties more effectively.

For more information about my background and publications, blogposts (with over 10 million reads!), TEDx talk, and marriage education program, please browse the links on this website.


To choose the best therapist, best psychologist, or best marriage counselor for your needs:

Please email or phone (303 388-4211) my office staff, Janet and Teresa, or contact them via the Contact Us box above.

My office suite hosts multiple therapists in addition to my own clinical practice. Janet and Teresa can discuss with you the kind of therapist, insurance needs, fee schedules, and times you can come for appointments to help with your decision of which therapist to work with.

Janet and Teresa are in the office on Mondays through Thursdays 8:45 to 4:30 to answer your call so that you can speak right away with a live person. They are glad to help you to assess which of the independent therapy professionals in our suite would be the best fit for your specific concerns.


What does the term independent therapy professionals mean?

Independent therapy professionals means that the psychologists and counselors in my office suite share office space and a waiting room but are not legally affiliated as a group practice and do not share treatment responsibilities.


Please feel welcome to call Janet or Teresa at 303 388-4211 or to email the office via the Contact Us form to discuss treatment options.

Thank you for visiting

Dr. Susan Heitler, author, Prescriptions Without Pills




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