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Dr. Susan Heitler

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Susan Heitler, PhD, has relocated from Denver to Raanana, Israel.  Her clinical practice there focuses primarily on treating couples and training couples therapists.  At the same time, Dr.  Heitler hopes that the materials she has published, including those on this website, will prove useful to you.

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What has Dr. Heitler published?

In the following TEDx video, Dr. Heitler demonstrates her innovative visualization technique for treating depression. The technique can be directed by a therapist.  It also works well as self-help.

In addition, Dr. Heitler has published five books, over 300 blogposts, an interactive website, plus podcasts (on this site) and videos (on YouTube).  Dr. Heitler’s publications include

  • Prescriptions Without Pills, with self-help techniques for recovery from depression, anxiety and too much anger .  The book offers new techniques for therapists as well. For more information on this resource, go to
  • a blog on Her articles there have attracted over 23 million reads
  • Articles and handouts on a range of topics, available on this website (see menu).
  • a book, workbook and website called The Power of Two that teach the collaborative communication and conflict resolution skills that sustain a strong and loving marriage.
  • free videos of some of Dr. Heitler’s favorite therapy techniques.
  • Articles to read plus hand-outs you can print out. Click Articles by Dr. Heitler in the menu atop this page.
  • A compilation of information on parental alienation which you can access from the above menu.
  • David Decides About Thumbsucking, a book for children and their parents that helps children to tend thumbsucking habits.
  • For more on Dr. Heitler’s integrative theory and techniques of psychotherapy, see From Conflict to Resolution

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Resolution, Not Conflict; Dr. Heitler's blog on Psychology Today
Click here to view Dr. Heitler's Books
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