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Dr. Susan Heitler

Looking for marriage counseling? for individual psychotherapy?

If you have you been feeling down, mad, anxious, or troubled by a difficult situation, please feel welcome to contact my office.  My colleagues and I aim to offer the very best in psychotherapy and marriage counseling.  We specialize in effective treatment of anxiety, anger, depression and marital issues.  We also specialize in evaluation and treatment of families dealing with potential parental alienation.

Our sunny office suite in central Denver is at Rose Medical Center, in the physicians office building across from the hospital, just off Colorado Boulevard.

As individual, family, and marriage therapists, my colleagues and I would look forward to helping you to

  • feel better as soon as possible.
  • develop new understandings and skills for long-lasting improvement.

In addition to in-person treatment:

I also offer online (Skype, Zoom) treatment for clients who live anywhere in Colorado.

If you would like to start with self-help, I’m hoping my book on recovery from depression, anxiety and too much anger—and also my marriage skills book, workbook and website—will give you a strong start. 

To preview my therapy methods, see my book for therapists and also videos of some of my favorite therapy techniques.

Contact my office for help with:

  • depression
  • anxiety and stress
  • anger
  • narcissism
  • relationship difficulties
  • parenting challenges
  • general emotional distress and life transition issues
  • child and adolescent problems
  • psychological aspects of medical issues
  • parental alienation

What treatment methods do our psychotherapy and marriage counseling professionals utilize?

Our treatment techniques include a broad range of interventions to give you insight into your current difficulties plus new alternatives for alleviating the problems.

In the following TEDx video I demonstrate a technique that I find particularly effective for alleviating depression.

My colleagues and I also offer:

  • situational counseling
  • CBT
  • psychodynamic explorations
  • family systems interventions
  • child and adolescent therapy
  • energy therapies
  • conflict resolution
  • Gestalt
  • evaluations and reintegration therapy for parental alienation situations
  • marriage and relationship counseling
  • and more. 

Overall, these methods aim to help you to:

  • ease the life problems that have been triggering your distress
  • understand possible deeper roots of your current problems and
  • learn new ways to address your current life challenges

The psychologists and other therapists in the TherapyHelp office suite all are independent therapy professionals. 

Independent therapy professionals means that while we share office space and a waiting room, we are not legally affiliated as a group practice.  We do not share legal liability or treatment responsibilities.

At the same time, we do offer each other collegial support and teamwork, particularly in our areas of specialty such as assessment and treatment of families with issues of parental alienation.

To choose the best psychotherapy or marriage counseling plan for you

Please feel welcome to phone my office at 303 388-4211.  My office staff, Janet and Teresa, will be glad to speak with you.  Or use email via the Contact Us box above.

Janet and Teresa are there to help you to decide which of the therapists in our suite to work with.  They can help you sort through insurance considerations, fee schedules, and times you can come for appointments. They also keep my appointment book to make it easy for you to set, cancel or reschedule appointment times.

Janet and Teresa answer calls directly on Mondays through Thursdays, 8:45 to 4:30.  They respond to Friday messages  when they return to the office on Monday.

Thank you for visiting TherapyHelp.

My colleagues and I look forward to helping you with psychotherapy and/or marriage counseling so that you will soon be able to enjoy more positive and relaxed feelings of well-being.

Wishing the very best for you,
Dr. Susan Heitler




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