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What Are the Options for Kids with an Often-Angry Parent?


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Discipline Versus Abuse: Three Cheers for the NFL

 Adrian Peterson’s suspension from the NFL is offering an opportunity for learning for all football fans.  Is discipline of children the same as punishment?  What can this situation teach other parents? Read More

Prescriptions Without Meds for Anger, Depression and Anxiety

 Much has been written of late of the downsides of psychotropic medications.  Here’s a set of alternatives to taking pills to combat anger, anxiety and depression, the Big Three of negative emotional states.   Read More

Does Media Violence Breed Real Life Killing?

 Terrorism from abroad scares us, and yet the larger danger may be the terrorists we inadvertently are breeding within our own families and communities.  Over 1000 research studies have clarified a frightening reality.  Fortunately, there’s lots you can do about it.  Read More

Why Doesn’t She/He Listen To Me? 10 Possibilities

 Nothing erodes a sense of personal empowerment like not being heard.  What may be going on when you try to offer your loved one, boss or friends your perspective and they ignore your voice, brush your viewpoint aside, or automatically negate it? Read More

Madness! What Emotional Disorder Was Omitted from the DSM V?

 What pervasive cognitive/emotional/behavioral disorder was left out of the new diagnostic manual for emotional disorders? Here’s some hints: What emotion most frequently gets you in trouble?  What behavior of others most quickly leads to your wanting to avoid them?   Read More

Caveman Responses: Are You Too Quick to Get Mad?

 Did anyone ever tell you to think before you act?  If your amygdala is hyperactive, you’re at risk for “going back brain” and acting out anger before you think. Read More

A Plan for Zero Arguments

 Exit strategies work best when they have been designed mutually, and when they have been carefully created prior to the emotionally upsetting situation. Plan your exit routines now using this checklist. Then your plan will be ready for action next time you need to avert a clash. Read More

Get Even By Getting Even Happier

 Darren was furious. Claudia too couldn’t understand why her new husband Darren’s family hadn’t invited them to their recent dinner party. Worse, her in-laws had tried to keep the party a secret from them. Darren was so upset, he couldn’t stop talking about it. It would ruin his Christmas. How could they get even? Read More

The Problem With Over-Emotional Political Rhetoric

 Have you been sending or receiving emails with articles relevant to the election? If so, this experience is likely to sound familiar. Read More

Mad Enough to Tell Someone to ‘Take a Hike!’ ?

 Lo and behold, the old expression of anger ‘Go take a hike!’ turns out to be good advice. Read More

New Treatments for Borderline Personality Disorder and Other Anger Syndromes

 The combination of these three treatment approaches can allow a happier and emotionally healthier person to emerge. The anger that the borderline individual thought was helping in fact pushed folks away. Eliminating the anger impulses and replacing them with positive skills for getting concerns met enables bpd individuals to blossom, and their relationships to flourish.Read More

How an Often-Angry Little Girl Does Not Develop a Borderline Personality Disorder

 When children learn that throwing angry fits gets them what they want, why should they change? Likewise for lovers and spouses who find that anger works to control their mate. Read More

Anger is a Stop Sign

 Anger chemicals ready you for action when there’s something you want that you aren’t getting, or when you are getting something you don’t want. These chemicals, which come from the animal part of your brain, may seem to tell you “Go!” when you “see red” Don’t be color blind. Red means stop. Stop, look, and listen. Read More

Four Ways to Assure You Won’t Get What You Want, at Work or at Home

 Here’s four ways that are likey to create bad feelings with work colleagues. They can also help you lose your job, end your love relationships, and wreck your holidays. Read More

Could Jealousy Ruin Your Day?

 Jealousy eats you up inside, and causes you to pick fights with the one you love. How could this distressing feeling be a helpful solution to a real-life dilemma? Here’s a perspective on how to put bad feelings like jealousy to good ends. Read More

From Thin-Skin to Win-Win: How Couples Counseling Helps

 Are you and your loved one living the opposite of happily ever after? If your partnership is yielding fear, resentment or anger, maybe it’s time to reverse the trend. Couples counseling can help. How do therapists convert a relationship that generates fear and frustration to one that feels safe, supportive and enriching? Read More
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