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Does Media Violence Breed Real Life Killing?

Terrorism from abroad scares us, and yet the larger danger may be the terrorists we inadvertently are breeding within our own families and communities.  Over 1000 research studies have clarified a frightening reality.  Fortunately, there’s lots you can do about it.  Read More


The Kidnapped Girls in Nigeria, Modern Slavery, and You

Was Sochhi built with forced labor?  Is sex trafficking real?  Are you a slave? Read More

The Crime of Individual Therapy for Married People

 If not criminal, is it at least a very mistaken, albeit common, practice to treat individuals without assessing the family context of the therapy client’s life? Read More


When Children Have Been Bullied: Healing Options

Bullying can have devastating impacts on kids. Less overt hurtful moments can induce phobias and emotional hypersensitivy as well. This new treatment method can erase potential lifelong damage from traumatic events. Read More


Discipline with Babies and Toddlers

 Even the most endearing of babies manage from time to time to do things that are provocative. It’s best though to eliminate punishing them or even getting mad. There’s less stressful, less hurtful, and far more effective ways to take charge. Read More

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