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Conflict Resolution

Can All Conflicts About Sex Be Resolved? If So, How?

This is the 7th post in a series addressing the question of whether and how all conflicts can be resolved. Sexual differences can be particularly sensitive to discuss. Still, here’s examples of how many have been resolved with win-win outcomes. Read More
About depression: It's contagious.

Marriage Arguments: Can All Conflicts Be Resolved?

Marriage involves living life in partnership, which inevitably creates conflicts. Can all these conflicts be resolved? Two leading marriage psychologists, Gottman and Heitler, attempt to resolve their opposing views on this issue. Read More


Solve Tough Dilemmas With the Win-Win Waltz

Differences are inevitable within any partnership, at work or at home. To settle conflicts with resolutions you both feel really good about, use this worksheet to guide you through the three steps of the win-win waltz. Then you can always be a winner. Read More


Boundaries, Privacy and Intimacy Are Partly Culturally Determined

When couples start with different cultural backgrounds, their his-way, her-way expectations can lead to misunderstandings and quarrels. Differing views about the about boundaries between what should be kept private and what are legitimately public aspects of their lives can prove especially sensitive. Read More


Beware if you self-diagnose marriage problems.

The Art of Disagreeing Agreeably

Do you avoid conflict? Feel reluctant to offer differing opinions? Do you err on the other side, disagreeing often and inadvertently making yourself unpleasant to talk with? This triple A (AAA) strategy for expressing disagreement can enable you to share your differing viewpoints in a way that keeps your relationships harmonious. Read More


The Art of Getting Hubby to Do Half the Work

Trying to get your husband to help more at home? Forget it. Getting him to help you with housework implies that the work belongs to you to begin with. Change the paradigm to determining division of labor in your shared business of running a family. Deciding who does what at home then becomes a subject for cooperative problem-solving. Read More


Emotional IQ Alone Is Not Enough For Marriage Success

Emotional IQ is to marriage what athletic talent is to sports. Emotional IQ indicates talent in the realm of relationships. Talent helps. But talent alone does not lead to great performance as a husband or wife. You also need to develop strong marriage communication and conflict resolution skills. Read More


Four Ways to Assure You Won’t Get What You Want, at Work or at Home

Here’s four ways that are likey to create bad feelings with work colleagues. They can also help you lose your job, end your love relationships, and wreck your holidays. Read More

Beware if you self-diagnose marriage problems.

No Way Jose Will I Go With You To Therapy!

Especially with the advent of the internet, there’s many ways to get marriage help, with or without the participation of your spouse. Here’s three options for fixing marriage problems on your own. Read More

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