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Seven Signs Your Marriage Will Last

Seven Signs Your Marriage Will Last

A strong marriage starts with love between two people who are well-matched with similarities on many dimensions. Yet marital problems are inevitable as the early stage of love… when both partners focus on their shared positive qualities moves forward to the stage of addressing differences. LIfe also almost inevitably brings (MORE)
online marriage education with

What’s Up With Online Therapy and Marriage Counseling?

Is web-based therapy the way of the future?  And is the future already here now? Read More


The Crime of Individual Therapy for Married People

 If not criminal, is it at least a very mistaken, albeit common, practice to treat individuals without assessing the family context of the therapy client’s life? Read More

What’s All This Talk About Couple “Communication Skills?”

 We all know how to talk. So why do couples therapists teach “communication skills” to couples that are having relationship troubles? Read More

Options for the Unhappily Married

 Country music group Pistol Annies poignantly sings about how marriage can become a trap. At the same time, the words suggest ways to open the trap and find routes to happiness, Read More
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