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Energy Therapy

Psychotherapy Integration: Bump Theory Explains How to Do It

(c) Susan Heitler, PhD

Source: (c) Susan Heitler, PhD

If you aim to draw on diverse techniques as a therapist, take this map with you. Read More

Clearing the Fog: Craniosacral Therapy Aims to Ease Dementia

(c) Fotosmurf

Dementia in the form of a decline of memory and thinking abilities often occurs as people age.  Do you worry about this frightening possibility for yourself?  For loved ones?  If you have any concerns in this arena, you might be interested in the cutting edge approach that has been developed by Michael Morgan LMT, CST-D who has been adapting Cranial sacral therapy techniques to address decreases in mental functioning.  Read More

Bad Mood Be Gone with 30 Seconds of Temporal Tapping

Source: 324515399/Shutterstock

Feeling anxious? down, grumpy, agitated, nervous, sad or lonely?  Criticizing yourself?  There may be a brief, free, and easy technique that you can use right now, without even having to fix a relationship (link is external)or any other problem, to feel immediately calmer and happier. Temporal tapping is a quickee method for influencing your feelings, thoughts or actions for the better.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if a quick 20 seconds of tapping in a circle around your right ear while you say the right magic words could instantly alleviate bad moods?  Temporal tapping may really work for you.  Try it and let us know. Read More

Will This Surprising Depression Treatment Prove to Be Real?

(c) creatista Stock Photography

Source: (c) creatista (link is external) Stock Photography

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could left depression with a simple five minute wave of a magic wand?  The new technique in the video in this article may come close! Read More

Energy Therapy: An Exciting New Frontier

(c) Lushpix Stock Photography
Source: (c) Lushpix (link is external) Stock Photography

Can energy therapy treatment help a young boy with reading disabilities? Seems to be a resounding yes in this case. And help with his too-quiet voice as well. Here’s how. Read More

Anxious? 4 Examples of Anxiety Treaments that Calm Nerves

What therapy options are out there if you are struggling with anxiety? Is the goal to get rid of the anxious feelings, or to address the problems triggering your worries? Read More

Your Mind Has Extraordinary Powers

Energy therapies enable a client’s subconscious mind to guide treatment.

There’s a revolution going on in the world of healing emotional and also physical distress. The revolution hinges on a remarkable discovery. We all can access far more knowledge, including self-knowledge of what we need to heal, than most of us ever have believed we can know. Read More

When Children Have Been Bullied: Healing Options

(c) mandygodbehear
Source: (c) mandygodbehear (link is external)

Bullying can have devastating impacts on kids. Less overt hurtful moments can induce phobias and emotional hypersensitivy as well. This new treatment method can erase potential lifelong damage from traumatic events. Read More

A Quick and Quirky Addition to Depression Treatment Options

 Extensive medical research has established that when people feel a sense of well-being there is more energy in their left than their right prefrontal lobe. Their brain, by contrast, has more energy in the right prefrontal lobe when depression is present. Read More

Two Examples of How an Energy Psychology Treatment Can End Chronic Physical Pain

 New energy psychology techniques may revolutionize the way psychologists and physicians treat pain. They sure have helped me. Read More

Can Energy Therapies Augment Conventional Couple Therapy?

 I’m a conventional therapist who has become convinced that some of the new energy therapy techniques need to become a standard part of every psychotherapist’s repertoir. Here’s why. Read More

Bad Luck, Bad Choices or Psychological Reversal?

What seems like bad luck or self-defeating choices may stem from the subconscious workings of a phenomenon that therapists are just at the very beginning stages of recognizing and treating. Read More

Energy Psychology — New Options for Understanding and Treating Emotional Wounds Like PTSD

 War horrors and losses, like bullying, depressive incidents and many other intensely negative emotional events, can induce long-lasting psychic wounds. The good news is that the new alternative treatment methods called energy therapies can yield rapid and sustained relief. Read More
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