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Life Transitions

Psychotherapy Integration: Bump Theory Explains How to Do It


Heartbroken: What Does Neuroimaging Show About Your Pain?

Heartbroken: What Does Neuroimaging Show About Your Pain?

If someone you love leaves you, you are likely to suffer potent urges to bring them back. If a loved one dies, the pain is similar. Neuro-imaging studies are beginning to clarify why you feel what you do when you lose someone you love. Read More
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What Can Help College Students Who Flood Counseling Centers?

Why are anxiety, anger, depression and addictive habits plaguing so many college students? It may have to do in part with the prescriptions for pills that they bring with them. Read More

What’s the Best Career For Me? A Quick Way to Identify It

Try this quick three-question visualization to learn the essence of the kind of work you most enjoy doing.
psychological gps

Need a GPS for Navigating Life’s Challenges?

Aiming for personal happiness and positive relationships, yet having trouble finding your way? What are your options when the pathways that you thought would lead to well-being feel instead like they are leading to disappointment, frustration, work difficulties or family, relationship or marital problems? Read More

Dying to Help: What Caregivers’ Dilemmas Can Teach Us

How can healthcare professionals’ dilemmas when they cope with medical epidemics offer a vital lesson to all of us about sustaining well-being? Read More

Excessive Daytime Sleepiness Makes Sleep Debt Feel Chronic

When does feeling tired during the day become a sign of a significant underlying problem? And what are the treatment options? Read More

Marriage: 6 Guidelines from Ancient Wisdom Texts

Traditional Jewish texts abound with teachings about how to create healthy marriage partnerships. Here’s a sampling of six. Read More

Life Transitions: Leaving the Past, Embracing the Future

We each have a past, a present, and a future. What can you do if the past is too much in your present, blocking you from transitioning to a more positive future? Read More
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