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Political Psychology

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Got the Post-Election Blues? Sad, Mad, or Scared?

The election of Donald Trump has precipitated Post-election depression—plus anger and anxiety—for many voters. Here’s a strategy for returning to a state of well-being, asap.
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Can You Spot 10 Signs of a Childish Adult? In Donald Trump?

The President of the USA wields enormous power. Would you want the power of the presidency in the hands of someone who has the emotional maturity of a young child?

Are Political Differences Straining Your Relationships?

Do’s and don’ts for dialogue lest political differences wreck your relationships.
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How the Brits and the EU Could Botch Their Divorce

With emotions running high, will anger, anxiety and depression cause all sides of this divorce to be losers?

A Marriage Therapist’s View Of Our Dysfunctional Government

Our government leaders’ animosities toward each other could be steering us toward national disaster. From a family therapist’s perspective, what they need to change is simple and clear. And it’s not about the money. Read More

What’s Fair? Two Views of Government

There’s two ways to think of government’s role in making sure America is fair to all its citizens. The differences may have to do with whether we view American citizens as children or as adults. Read More

The Problem With Over-Emotional Political Rhetoric

Have you been sending or receiving emails with articles relevant to the election? If so, this experience is likely to sound familiar. Read More

Political Discussion: Eight Bad Habits That Ruin Relationships

Republicans and Democrats have become enemies who malign and misinterpret each other right and left. A political discussion between members of these two enemy camps can lead to the ending of friendships and even marriages. Wake up America! “A house divided cannot stand.” Read More

Collateral Damage

How does a sudden outbreak of war amongst civilized people in a sophisticated world-class city impact the life of a child? A reader shares her experiences. Read More

Pakistan Could Use a Therapeutic Intervention

A Pakistani scholar of international relations has proposed a strategy for helping her country shift from a culture of violence to a culture of collaborative dialogue and cooperative conflict resolution. The program she proposes is remarkably similar to the work I do as a therapist with couples in conflict. Read More

Thriving Organizations Have Thanks-giving From Below and Hands Off From Above

Well-functioning organizations from businesses to governments to families, generally share two common traits. My votes for the two golden guidelines for are … Read More

Freud Had It Right About Leaders

Freud’s brilliant insight, “Groups take on the personality of the leader,” is worth taking to heart. Policy matters, but so does personality. What Presidential personality traits do Americans seek in these treacherous economic times? Read More

Protests: Potent or Impotent?

“You have to fight to feel good.” In my twenties, when I was living in New York with a group of post-college friends, Bob was a tall handsome young man in our cadre who took this slogan about protests as his raison d’etre. But is it true? When are protests and fights good for you? Read More

Sex and Power: The Roots of Hysteria and Terrorism

What can Hysteria, a playful movie on sex in Victorian England, teach us about of the deeper motives for terrorism? It turns out that sex and power that are used abusivley lie at the heart of Islamic terrorism. Read More

Three of a Kind: Dictatorship,Terrorism, and Domestic Violence

Home is where we learn the fundamentals for becoming citizens of a democracy. Cultures that tolerate chiild and spousal abuse are at risk for breeding bullies, tyrants and and terrorism. By contrast families with skills for cooperative parenting and partnering train young people to value and succeed in a democracy. Read More