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Seven Questions That May Make You Rethink The

Seven Questions That May Make You Rethink The “Right Age” To Start A Family

Many couples, especially those who are well-educated and in the mid to upper economic brackets, wait until their 30s to begin having children. If you and your spouse are wonde…ring when to launch a family, the following questions can help you rethink the conventional wisdom. (MORE)
Eight Surprising Reasons People Fall In Love

Eight Surprising Reasons People Fall In Love

Scientists and psychologists who study the phenomenon of love have come up with some useful, and surprising, insights into what makes our hearts tick. Here are eight surprisin…g reasons why you might have fallen in love with your spouse: (MORE)
How Sex In Marriage Changes Over Time

How Sex In Marriage Changes Over Time

A good marriage gets even better with age. A Kinsey Institute study on older marriages, sex and happiness surveyed more than 1,000 couples from the United States, Brazil, Germ…any, Japan and Spain. Their findings were reassuring. (MORE)
10 Reasons Marital Sex is Good for You

10 Reasons Marital Sex is Good for You

Sex feels good. Fortunately, sex also is good for you. Healthy sexual sharing with your spouse in fact is one of the many blessings that usually come with being married. Here …are 10 surprising health benefits of marital sex that should inspire you to write yourself a prescription for romance. (MORE)
Do Couples Have Open Marriages?

Do Couples Have Open Marriages?

Agreeing to date other people while remaining in a strong, loving relationship may seem threatening to many and yet like a dream for other people. It is true that forms of non…-monogamous relationships are becoming more common in Western cultures. But do open marriages work? (MORE)
Dealing With Marital Sex Problems

Dealing With Marital Sex Problems

Sexual problems are some the main problems among married couples. These problems may include a lack of interest in your spouse, lack of excitement in the bedroom, not having s…ex often enough, an inability to become aroused for your partner, and unfortunately infidelity. If a marriage is worth saving, then (MORE)
Tips for Blissful Marital Sexuality

Tips for Blissful Marital Sexuality

A strong aspect of marital bliss is a healthy and active sex life. It is a common occurrence and fear that your sexuality will wane after the first year or two of marriage. Ho…wever, it does not have to be difficult to keep your sexual activity with your partner alive (MORE)
Tips on Sexting While Married

Tips on Sexting While Married

Over time, the passion that married couples had for each other as young lovers gradually deteriorates. Couples take their spouses for granted, resulting in a stalemate in thei…r sex lives. If this is applicable in your marriage, consider sexting. Although it is sometimes portrayed as having a negative connotation, sexting (MORE)

Sexless Marriage Causes and Cures

A sexless marriage is a vulnerable marriage.   Here’s some ideas to think about if yours looks in jeopardy. Read More

Can All Conflicts About Sex Be Resolved? If So, How?

This is the 7th post in a series addressing the question of whether and how all conflicts can be resolved. Sexual differences can be particularly sensitive to discuss. Still, here’s examples of how many have been resolved with win-win outcomes. Read More

Sexual Intercourse and Talking Together: What’s the Same?

What could sex and talking together possibly have in common? Lots…. Read More

Baby Come and Light My Fire…

Striking a match can light a candle. Initial sparks can help to kindle a blaze. So too with lighting sexual fires, which in turn help to keep marital affection warmly loving. What mutual actions can couples take to ignite their sexual energies? Read More

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