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Great Leaders: The Secret That Freud Understood

What was Freud’s vital insight about groups and leaders?
Post published by Susan Heitler Ph.D. on Feb 04, 2015 in Resolution, Not Conflict

Freud mostly is known for his brilliant insights about subconscious motivations and the individual psyche. My favorite sentence from all of Freud’s writing about various kinds of problems (link is external), however, expresses his wisdom about leadership. Groups, Freud wrote, take on the personality of the leader.  Great leaders therefore need to be great people

Thrill-Seeking: What Parts of Your Brain Are Involved?

 Why do smart people sometimes feel attracted to absurdly dangerous activities? Why do winter Olympic athletes for instance devote their lives to putting their lives in danger? Read More

Doubles Tennis Champions

 Doubles tennis requires perfect partnership and mental skills as well as highest level athletic training. How did two strong individual players become world champions? Read More

Some Ways to Practice Are More Perfect Than Others

 What separates world-class performers from everyone else is how they practice. Here are the keys to becoming far better at whatever you love doing. Read More

Beware: Thinking Leads to Doing

 Sports psychologists teach athletes to visualize making a winning basketball free throw or an effective tennis serve before doing the action. That’s because thinking prepares you for doing. When you think about something, the odds zoom upwards that you will do just what your mind was picturing. The lesson: be careful what you think about! Read More

Lessons from Tebow and Elway

 Maybe football is more than “just a game.” Maybe football reminds us about what is best about American culture. Read More

What Tennis Players Can Teach Us About Handling Performance Disappointments

 Tennis players need to become masters of managing disappointment. Winning is an addictive upper. Yet by the end of every tournament, all the players but one have lost. Read More

You’re Here to Fulfill My Dreams

 When he had been young, Paul easily rose to the top of the world of junior tennis by winning many junior tennis tournaments. Throughout his high school years he ranked at the top not only in his city but in the state, the region and the country. What was the price? Read More
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