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Marriage education

Want a happier marriage partnership? Couples with marriage tensions can turn their dreams of living happily-ever-after into a consistent reality.

Developed by psychologists Susan Heitler, Ph.D. and Abigail Hirsch, Ph.D., the interactive games, quizzes and other activities in the marriage-skills learning programs of Power of Two Marriage Skills Workshops and online at teach couples vital skills for sustaining a loving marriage.

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Here’s what participants have been saying …

The information I learned will be very beneficial in all aspects of my life-work, children, and my spouse!” Denver participant

“I love how positive and forward-looking your approach is.” Denver participant

“Now when my in-laws are difficult, instead of bickering about them we appreciate how lucky we are to have learned the skills they lack.” Denver participant

“Thank you for your fabulous support. We are benefiting so much and are very grateful for your help. You’re wonderful!” Denver participant.

Why sign up?

Sustaining a cooperative marriage partnership requires high-level skills. No matter how much two people love each other and how well matched they may be, the project of living life as a married couple can be challenging.  Difficult stresses can gradually corrode a couple’s initial love.  Tempers can rise and communication and cooperation can break down.  Without sufficient skills for talking cooperatively about tough issues, couples can end up bickering, fighting, or giving up to keep the peace.

I think that all our clients as well as we trainers can benefits from this program. I love it. Personally, in my marriage I can already see the change. I learned how to communicate with my husband and when to stop when we have a conflict.” Marriage educator trainee from Bosnia

“I learned a great lesson: how to manage anger. I no longer see anger as justified; I understand the myths and see the emotion for what it is.” Client Service Counselor, Pan-African Association

“Dr. Heitler’s expertise in both education and clinical psychology is evidenced in the concise, easy-to-remember concepts that are reinforced by reading material, class exercises, stories about couples, and visual aids.” The Family Journal

Who uses the website?

Singles go to be ready with the skills for positive relationships when they meet their soul mates.
Engaged couples
go to be ready for marriage.
Marriage couples
go to increase their ability to enjoy a strong and loving marriage in their years ahead.

What happens at the website? teaches skills via fun cartoons, skill drills and exercises. Brief explanations followed by multiple practice examples make a lively learning environment that is an attractive alternative to, or augmentation of. marriage counseling.

· Cooperative dialogue

· Conflict resolution strategies

· Shared decision making

· Expressing and receiving anger safely

· Recovering after upsets

· Helping when your partner has a problem

· Making a good marriage great by adding way more loving interactions

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