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Welcome to this listing of Dr. Heitler’s self-help books and therapist resources. Dr. Heitler believes that life bumps can lead to depression, anger, anxiety, addictions and relationship difficulties. Read her books to learn why bumps can lead to unhappiness.  Learn how to respond to life bumps instead in ways that lead to feeling better and enjoying more positive relationships.
  • Purchase Dr. Heitler’s self-help books, audios, and videos online or at local bookstores.
  • The Angry Couple video, which illustrates Dr. Heitler’s couple therapy techniques, can be purchased in streaming or DVD at or by clicking
  • For the Power of Two Marriage Leaders’ Manual and Kit, please contact Dr. Heitler’s office staff at 303 388-4211.

The Power of Two: Secrets to a Strong & Loving Marriage

The Power of Two details the communication and conflict-resolution skills that happy couples use to deal with differences.

“Dr. Heitler teaches the skills that make marriage successful. With easy-to-remember guidelines and entertaining examples, she shows us how to create satisfying dialogue, resolve conflicts, and deepen intimacy to insure a joyful and lasting marriage.” John Gray, author of Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus

  • Cooperative dialogue
  • Conflict resolution with the “win-win waltz”
  • Shared decision making
  • Safe strategies for anger
  • Recovery after upsets
  • Ways to make a good marriage great


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$19.95 Book ISBN 1-57224-059-8 (paper, 1997)

Price: $19.95

The Power of Two Workbook: Communication Skills for a Strong and Loving Marriage

By Susan Heitler, Ph.D. and Abigail Hirsch, M.A.

With this step-by-step workbook you can learn the communication and conflict resolution skills that make married life flow smoothly.  Brief explanations of each skill are followed by fun practice exercises.  Talk Together questions guide you in discussing your new skills with your life partner.

Maximize your relationship’s potential!

  • Speak your mind in a way that invites your partner to hear your concerns with interest, not antagonism.
  • Listen so your conversations flow cooperatively.
  • Resolve your differences with the “win-win waltz.”
  • Keep anger constructive.
  • Clean up after distressing upsets with effective apologies that prevent similar upsets in the future.
  • Avoid the Big-3 Mistakes couples make.
  • Learn to nurture love with affectionate intimacy in a warm and happy home.

To learn the most from your Power of Two Workbook

Purchase two workbooks so each of you can fill out all the practice examples.
Work independently, and then share your answers.
For deeper background understanding, read the companion book, The Power of Two:   Secrets to a Strong & Loving Marriage.


Price: $21.95

Prescriptions Without Pills: For Relief from Depression, Anger, Anxiety and More

Do you sometimes feel depressed? angry? anxious? stuck in habits that hurt you? Dr. Heitler’s prescriptions offer guidance for when you need it.

  • Self-help or therapist-guided ways to feel better, soon.
  • Cutting-edge new treatment strategies
  • Interactive charts and exercises to speed your progress
  • Companion videos and handouts on the companion website,

“This groundbreaking book is … not just a book to read. It’s a book to use.”
—Toni Bernhard, How to Live Well with Chronic Pain and Illness


Price: $0.00

From Conflict to Resolution

  • Dr. Heitler unites various schools of therapy with a powerful insight: Conflicts, within and between people, lie at the core of emotional distress. Emotional healing depends on movement from conflict to resolution. Therapists, whatever their belief system, serve as guides along the way, and therefore must be expert at conflict resolution. With lively case examples, and immediately useful treatment strategies, this book has proven a favorite for therapists of all levels of experience.
  • Who is this book for?
    Primarily for therapists. Also of interest to lawyers and to the sophisticated general psychology reader, this book has a comprehensive, integrative perspective about therapy.


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$35.00 Two-tape audio set 107 minutes, ISBN 0-393-70151-4 (1992) Ordering

Price: $18.95

Working with Couples in Conflict (Free Podcast)

For Therapists:
Recorded live at a training workshop, Dr. Heitler, working with actors, reenacts an actual case.  Skill-coaching techniques plus strategies for rapid access to deeper family of origin issues.

1 hour 47 minutes

Listen Now: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Price: $35.00

The Win-Win Waltz

The best gift you can give yourself, your spouse, your children and your grandchildren is to learn the skills for a strong and loving marriage.  In this engaging and informative DVD, actors portray participants in a Power of Two weekend workshop. Watch it again and again and you too will learn to replace tension and argument with friendly dialogue.


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Can all conflicts be resolved cooperatively? At Power of Two, we believe the answer to that question is a clear and solid YES. With the skills of the win-win waltz, plus some creative thinking, you can transform all of your his way–her way differences into opportunities for finding gratifying our-way solutions. Learn how to * Talk about sensitive issues and evoke interest, not defensiveness * Listen in a way that consistently enables both of you to feel heard * Dialogue with productive yes-and strategies that keep you feeling like partners * Turn arguments into opportunities for shared creative thinking * Find win-win solutions for every marriage dilemma.

Price: $19.95

The Angry Couple: Conflict-Focused Treatment (video)

Dr. Heitler demonstrates her highly original approach for helping couples to cut through impasses and build a more positive relationship.

The video recreates key moments in a six-month therapy with a distressed couple in their early 30’s who seem locked in irreconcilable conflict.

Who is this video for?
Originally designed as a teaching tape for therapists, new and seasoned clinicians alike give it rave reviews. In addition, couples engaged in self-help or curious about couples’ therapy also find the tape inspirational and informative.

A copy of the GUIDEBOOK is included.  This GUIDEBOOK  is available only from 

Please note that this version of the video is for VCR.  A dvd version is available for $59 from

Use this link to listen to the video:

Old Price: $20.00

Price: $10.00

You save: $10.00


Leader’s Kit for Power of Two Marriage Skills Workshops

Interested in leading marriage skills workshops to teach couples how to build a life-long loving partnership?

The Leaders’ Kit includes all the necessary training materials: books, cd’s and dvd’s for learning to teach these courses, plus a detailed Manual with lesson plans and marketing suggestions.

  • The Manual includes lesson plans for up to 12 workshop sessions, each 90 minutes in length.  These lesson plans are adaptable for leading programs of any length, from a single session to more than twelve.
  • The teaching activities all are interactive, with games and role-play experiences that keep the sessions lively.
  • Each lesson plan specifies which specific readings prepare the workshop leader to guide that session.
Included in the Kit:
  • Workshop Leader’s Manual
  • The Power of Two
  • The Power of Two Workbook
  • Prescriptions Without Pills
  • From Conflict to Resolution

Audio cd’s

  • Working with Couples in Confliclt
  • Anxiety: Friend or Foe?
  • Depression, A Disorder of Power
  • Conflict Resolution for Couples
Video dvd
  • The Win-Win Waltz

To learn more or to purchase, please contact Dr. Heitler’s office staff, Janet or Teresa.  Phone them at 303 388-4211, or email them via the Contact Us form on the Home Page.

Price: $150.00

Depression: A Disorder of Power (Free Podcast)

  • Based on understanding that giving up in the face of conflict triggers depression. Dr. Heitler’s techniques are designed to dissipate depression’s dark cloud.
  • Who is this Podcast for?
    For the general public. Also often used by therapists to accelerate treatment with homework listening for their clients

Listen Now

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From the audiotape Depression: A Disorder of Power Depression produces feelings of powerlessness and helplessness. Depressed feelings are triggered by a situation in which a person gives up on getting something of felt importance. Treating Depression with a Conflict-Focused Visualization. The following visualization, illustrated on the audiotape Depression: A Disorder of Power, can powerfully combat depressed moods. Designed for therapists to use with patients, the visualization may also be used as a self-help technique.

Price: $19.95

David Decides About Thumbsucking

A story for children, plus a guide for parents and professionals. Five-year-old David sucks his thumb. His parents say it’s time to stop. David is mad; his thumb feels good in his mouth. He talks with his sister, and then his brother. He asks them why they decided to end their sucking habits and why they stopped. Then, David decides. The Parent Guide addresses myths and realities about thumbsucking. It contains comprehensive information and a review of relevant research for pediatricians, dentists, counselors and teachers, as well as for concerned parents.

  • Do sucking habits make children less confident or more?
  • Does thumbsucking really impact children’s teeth and facial appearance?


Price: $13.95

Conflict Resolution for Couples (Free Podcast)

Collaborative conflict resolution skills insure a healthy relationship. Dr. Heitler, actors and a live audience keep these informative tapes engaging and fun. Content is similar to The Power of Two, in audio format.

Listen Now: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Additional DescriptionMore Details

From the audio tape Conflict Resolution for Couples How can couples prevent conflict, resolve conflict, or wipe up after conflict if it emerges? That’s our topic today. Let’s not start, though, by talking about marriage or conflict. Let’s talk about the weather. Let’s talk about climate. Would you prefer to live in a climate with thunderstorms, wind, and dark drizzle, or a climate of warm sunshine? I think most people would prefer warm sunshine. There can be a little bit of variety. We don’t need unremitting blue skies. Generally, though, the climate within the home is most comfortable for people if it is mostly sunny. We have air conditioning and heating so that in our homes the physical climate stays stable and comfortable. This talk today is to help keep our emotional zone equally comfortable. We will be talking specifically about conflict or disruptions to that comfortable climate zone as it applies to couples. The same principles apply to relationships between parents and children, friends, work relationships. Still, our focus today is on conflict prevention, resolution, and clean up for couples. What do we mean by conflict? Usually when people think of conflict, they think of fighting. Today’s discussion goes beyond fighting, because conflict can be expressed within a home in a number of ways. By conflict, I mean times when there are differences — differences of opinion, differences between what people want, or differences of any sort that create friction. Those differences could be expressed in anxious tension, in somebody feeling depressed, in arguments, fighting, or even violence. Clearly, there are levels of escalation when we are talking about conflict. Conflicts can be discussed in quiet dialogue, get more heated, or can erupt in attempts to injure each other. Hopefully, with the skills we will learn today, escalations that become hurtful can be eliminated. We will learn to utilize conflict as an opportunity for building collaboration, cooperation, warmth, affection and caring — those elements that give us a sense that our home is a source of comfort and sunshine.

Price: $19.95

Anxiety: Friend or Foe (Free Podcast)

  • Many of life’s challenges trigger a pounding heart and a worried mind, but is anxiety necessarily a disorder? Dr. Heitler sets forth a refreshing new view: anxiety can be transformed into a positive life force.
    Part I: Use it, then lose it.
    Part II: Actors replay vignettes from therapy sessions.
    Dr. Heitler’s gentle techniques convert nervousness, anxieties, panic attacks and agoraphobia to helpful sources of personal guidance.
  • Who are this CD for?
    For the general public. Also often used by therapists to accelerate treatment with homework listening for their clients

Listen Now

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From the audiotape Anxiety: Friend or Foe. Anxiety arises in response to a conflict situation when you feel poised in a situation with no acceptable action options. Anxiety is associated with immobilization in the face of a troubling situation.

Old Price: $24.95

Price: $19.95

You save: $5.00


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