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Anxiety: Friend or Foe (Free Podcast)

  • Many of life's challenges trigger a pounding heart and a worried mind, but is anxiety necessarily a disorder? Dr. Heitler sets forth a refreshing new view: anxiety can be transformed into a positive life force.
    Part I: Use it, then lose it.
    Part II: Actors replay vignettes from therapy sessions.
    Dr. Heitler's gentle techniques convert nervousness, anxieties, panic attacks and agoraphobia to helpful sources of personal guidance.
  • Who are this CD for?
    For the general public. Also often used by therapists to accelerate treatment with homework listening for their clients

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From the audiotape Anxiety: Friend or Foe. Anxiety arises in response to a conflict situation when you feel poised in a situation with no acceptable action options. Anxiety is associated with immobilization in the face of a troubling situation.

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