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Leader’s Kit for Power of Two Marriage Skills Workshops

Interested in leading marriage skills workshops to teach couples how to build a life-long loving partnership?

The Leaders’ Kit includes all the necessary training materials: books, cd’s and dvd’s for learning to teach these courses, plus a detailed Manual with lesson plans and marketing suggestions.

  • The Manual includes lesson plans for up to 12 workshop sessions, each 90 minutes in length.  These lesson plans are adaptable for leading programs of any length, from a single session to more than twelve.
  • The teaching activities all are interactive, with games and role-play experiences that keep the sessions lively.
  • Each lesson plan specifies which specific readings prepare the workshop leader to guide that session.
Included in the Kit:
  • Workshop Leader’s Manual
  • The Power of Two
  • The Power of Two Workbook
  • Prescriptions Without Pills
  • From Conflict to Resolution

Audio cd’s

  • Working with Couples in Confliclt
  • Anxiety: Friend or Foe?
  • Depression, A Disorder of Power
  • Conflict Resolution for Couples
Video dvd
  • The Win-Win Waltz

To learn more or to purchase, please contact Dr. Heitler’s office staff, Janet or Teresa.  Phone them at 303 388-4211, or email them via the Contact Us form on the Home Page.

Price: $150.00

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