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Conflict Resolution for Couples (Free Podcast)

Collaborative conflict resolution skills insure a healthy relationship. Dr. Heitler, actors and a live audience keep these informative tapes engaging and fun. Content is similar to The Power of Two, in audio format.

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From the audio tape Conflict Resolution for Couples How can couples prevent conflict, resolve conflict, or wipe up after conflict if it emerges? That's our topic today. Let's not start, though, by talking about marriage or conflict. Let's talk about the weather. Let's talk about climate. Would you prefer to live in a climate with thunderstorms, wind, and dark drizzle, or a climate of warm sunshine? I think most people would prefer warm sunshine. There can be a little bit of variety. We don't need unremitting blue skies. Generally, though, the climate within the home is most comfortable for people if it is mostly sunny. We have air conditioning and heating so that in our homes the physical climate stays stable and comfortable. This talk today is to help keep our emotional zone equally comfortable. We will be talking specifically about conflict or disruptions to that comfortable climate zone as it applies to couples. The same principles apply to relationships between parents and children, friends, work relationships. Still, our focus today is on conflict prevention, resolution, and clean up for couples. What do we mean by conflict? Usually when people think of conflict, they think of fighting. Today's discussion goes beyond fighting, because conflict can be expressed within a home in a number of ways. By conflict, I mean times when there are differences -- differences of opinion, differences between what people want, or differences of any sort that create friction. Those differences could be expressed in anxious tension, in somebody feeling depressed, in arguments, fighting, or even violence. Clearly, there are levels of escalation when we are talking about conflict. Conflicts can be discussed in quiet dialogue, get more heated, or can erupt in attempts to injure each other. Hopefully, with the skills we will learn today, escalations that become hurtful can be eliminated. We will learn to utilize conflict as an opportunity for building collaboration, cooperation, warmth, affection and caring -- those elements that give us a sense that our home is a source of comfort and sunshine.

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