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Have you checked out yet?  That’s the website that teaches the skills from my book The Power of Two.  It’s a fun place for learning what couples need to know to be able to enjoy a strong, smooth-sailing, and loving marriage.

You can learn communication and conflict resolution skills there without having even to leave home for classes.

The price is right too.  The cost for each full month of learning is about the same as one evening’s trip to the movies.

The following Web sites also seem to offer good information.  I hope that you will find some of them helpful.

Note that some of the links are to articles.  These articles on psychological topics are ones that I have found to be exceptional–well-written, informative, and dealing with important topics.

Dr. Heitler
Attention Deficit Disorder Resources

ADHD Resources


Affair Recovery Center
Affair Recovery Center is a partnership of counseling professionals dedicated to the restoration of marriages crippled by infidelity.

Affairs: why they are a really bad idea

All of Depression
Your one-stop destination for anything you can think about depression. This Depression Directory is designed to help its users find the depression information, source, companies, products and services.
Provides advice, information, support and resources for people who are experiencing relationship problems or marriage breakdown.
Gathering place for mental health professionals 

Top 5 Mental Health Problems Facing College Students

Center for Divorce Education
Providing educational videos and booklets for agencies involved in classes for divorcing/separating parentsf

Center for Marriage and Families
This website hosts the Center for Marriage and Families, which provides a broad array of resources to organizations involved in strengthening marriage. Translates and condenses scholarly research for broad public education about the value of marriage for children and society.  They encourage you to download any materials you may need for your own work.

Project C.H.O.P (Childhood Obesity Prevention

College Students Resources for Mental Health 

Consulting Mental Health – Confidential Advice and Information
Qualified counseling for psychological illness, emotional problems and lifestyle concerns.  A safe environment to discuss your problems and find support, using natural health techniques.  Includes information on prescription drugs for an unbiased approach.

Consulting Natural Health – Alternative Medicine For All
Qualified advice and information on all aspects of natural health and alternative medicine, for men, women’s health, remedies, supplements and  other self-help treatments.  Facilities to monitor and record your health, from weight change to general fitness, and more…

 Conquer Stress, Depression & Anxiety! – Quickly, Permanently, Naturally!

  A Valuable Depression Information Resource and Directory
Depression Test, Signs of Depression
Take the free depression test to find information and treatment
plans for signs of depression.

Depression treatment
Our mission has been to globally source, research, and evaluate the most effective treatments for Depression, Anxiety, and similar stress related disorders available today.

Divorces HQ
A comprehensive list of resources about divorce.

Domestic Violence: How To Get Help When You’re Scared Of The Consequences

Divorce Mediation

Domestic Violence Assistance

National Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Information and resources for psychological and professionals services.

This site lists a specific range of medications with serious complications.
Marriage enrichment ministry of Family Dynamics Institute. Training and Resources to Strengthen Marriage and Family Relationships.
Reference books for families
Offers interactive, multimedia software for families–designed to help parents teach personal responsibility and integrity to their children through positive leadership, interaction and reinforcement.
Working with parents or special needs children, autism

Financial Abuse

Financial Savings & Debt Management  Self Help for Widows and Widowers

Free bridal shower games
Girly games to play at bridal showers that will have all your shower guests howling. Also check out the free bridal shower theme and planning ideas.

Gift From Within
PTSD Resources for Survivors and Caregivers
A free directory of therapists nationwide

Helping Others provides a broad range of counseling for those people who would like to receive wise and caring advice. – Health Directory
Health Directory

Improve Marriage
A complete source of information on self help, self improvement and personal growth. It has over 500 articles on personal development, covering topics such as self confidence, goal setting, motivation, success and finding your purpose in life.
All State Investigations, Inc.
50 years experience in Matrimonial Investigations.  Agents in all 50 states.
Divorce – Separation – Infidelity – Child Support – Cohabitation … and much more.

Integrative Psychotherapy, Health, & Well-Being – Health Information and more
Health & Medicine Web site Directory

Learn Self Hypnosis and Weight loss Hypnosis
Exclusive guide offering wide range of information
on hypnosis and various hypnosis techniques. Check out the useful
information on self hypnosis, hypnosis downloads, weight loss
hypnosis, etc.
Coping skills/providing support to military families

Make-up & Cosmetics Central
Visit Make-up & Cosmetics Central for make-up tips, and information on properly applying make-up. Also contains product reviews of the hottest make-up products. Make sure you visit Make-up and Cosmetics Central before you make your next make-up purchase.

Marriage Counseling
Marriage Advice articles, tips, and strategies from professional counselors and educators.

Marriage Forums
Get anonymous help and advice for your marriage problems from this large community on the web.

Marriage and Family Therapist – Rachel Sussman
I work with individual and corporate clients all over the world offering Individual Psychotherapy, Couples and Marriage Counseling, Addiction Counseling, Group Therapy, Career Coaching, Family Business Consulting.

Marriage & Relationships Forums

Help and support for marriage and relationship problems from a large, friendly community.
TV and obesity in children

Mediation: How to Prepare for Divorce

Marriage Family Therapy

Men’s Health
Men’s Health and Fitness Resource Directory

Menopause, PMS, and Progesterone
Learn about menopause, PMS, and progesterone at the Menopause, PMS, and Progesterone Resource Center. Contains over 45 articles on the topics,  information on reducing PMS pain and getting through with menopause.  Also reviews products such as progesterone creams.
Mental Health Resources including depression and anxiety


Miss America By Day

In this long-awaited book, Van Derbur, a former Miss America, tells the story of how she was sexually violated by her father from age 5 to age 18. She was 53 years old before she was able to speak the words in public, “I am an incest survivor.” She opened the door for tens of thousands of sexual abuse survivors to also speak the words, many for the first time, within their own families and communities.

Miss America By Day won 1st place in the Writer’s Digest national competition. 1,900 books were entered in 9 categories. Miss America By Day won 1st place in the most “inspirational book” category. It won the same honor from the Colorado Independent Publishers Ass’n. It’s a terrific resource, essential reading for anyone who has experienced sexual abuse, who is married to someone who has, or who knows anyone with abuse in their background.

National Directory of Marriage & Family Counselors
Research counselors in you neighborhood, view resources and read articles about counseling and family issues.
A group dedicated locally and nationally to the collaborative divorce process.
Reference for parenting help

Quit Smoking
QuitMaker is a 36-day online program that leads to a nicotine-free lifestyle. There are no tricks and no miracle cures, and no external substances such as nicotine patches, chewing gums or pills, just the power of your intellect to undo the conditioning and Be Free… Let us show you how to quit smoking. who raises awareness of the consequences of smoking and helps communities become smoke-free.

Start your Recovery

Find Help for Addictions
Marriage help and restoration for troubled marriages and those in affairs

Self Help Tools
Self Help Programs and Self Development Tools For Life

Clinical Sexologist & Relationship Coach
Over thirty videotapes demonstrating the new paradigms (solution-focused, narrative and collaborative language systems) with couples, families and individuals. Clinical sessions with Michael White, Insoo Kim Berg, Harlene Anderson and other therapists showing these developing models.

Signs of Depression, Symptoms of Depression, Depression Test
Take the free depression test to find information and treatment
plans for symptoms of depression and signs of depression.

Single Parent Advocate

Single Parents Network

Smart Marriages
This website reviews the latest in marriage education research and programs.  Also includes information about the annual SmartMarriages conference, generally held in June, which brings together people from around the globe who are working toward enhancing marriage education and strengthening the institution of marriage.

Stress, Anxiety and Depression Resource Center
The Stress, Anxiety, and Depression Resource Centers contain the information you need to know on everything related to the natural alleviation of depression, stress, and anxiety.
Resources and products for stress reduction
Resources to help people experiencing anxiety/stress/panic regain control
Stories of life after trauma

Therapy can be hazardous to your marriage health. An important article by William Doherty, PhD. Vital reading for therapists and also for married individuals or couples who are turning to a therapist for help.

Treatment of Anxiety and Depression
well organized, easy to navigate, loads of information. If you or someone you know suffers with an Anxiety Disorder, please give this site a look. It is well worth your time. Info for elimination of violence against women  Supports by supporting and promoting healthier lifestyle through education and awareness.

Wedding – Free Wedding Planning Service!

Wedding Favors
Personalized wedding favors and bridal shower gifts.

Wedding Favors
Wedding favors with Unique and Elegant style for less

Wedding dresses and stylish gowns
Selecting the perfect wedding dress or gown has never been easier. Browse our large collection of wedding dress articles about styles, designers and wedding dress options.

Wedding Site
Get more info on weddings.
Health Directory, Articles, News and Information

Your Depression Resource Guide
Information on depression, antidepressants, treatments, and symptoms.

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