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Choosing a psychologist or marriage therapist is an important decision.

Our therapy office suite has closed.

Since Dr. Heitler has moved and Dr. Geller has retired, the therapists described below now have new offices.  They can be reached by internet search

Marriage education—an additional option

The interactive online marriage education program at , which is based on Dr. Heitler’s book The Power of Two, offers a fun introduction to the skills for marriage success.


Psychologist Dr. Susan Heitler

Author, therapist and marriage counselor

As Dr. Heitler writes in her book on therapy—From Conflict to Resolution—emotional distress emerges in response to life bumps. “Bumps” are situations, frustrations and dilemmas that leave you “conflicted” about how to proceed.  Figuring out new solutions to the conflicts results in feeling better.  That’s the core idea underlying Dr. Heitler’s treatment techniques.

Bump Theory is the user-friendly name for this treatment framework which also is called conflict resolution theory. For further explanations of this conceptual framework, see  Or see the article on the APA  Society for Advancement of Psychotherapy website.

More about Dr. Heitler: For more information about Dr. Heitler’s background and accomplishments, please click Bio of Dr. Susan Heitler in the yellow area above.

Please click the photos on the left to read about the other therapists in the TherapyHelp office suite.



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