Rose Medical Center
4500 E. 9th Ave. #660
Denver, CO 80220

Therapy Practice

Dr.Susan Heitler, Ph.D

I work within a suite of independent therapy professional colleagues  based at Rose Medical Center in Suite 660 at 4500 East 9th Avenue in Denver.  To speak with my office, please contact the secretaries at 303 388-4211.

Amongst the eight of us we offer a wide range of treatments including individual therapy for adults, couple therapy for marriage difficulties, therapy for children and help with parenting challenges.

Rapid and effective treatment strategies.

My own treatment methods focus on helping clients to resolve the conflicts, past and present, that have produced difficulties in their lives.   Known as “conflict resolution treatment,” this methodolgy offers rapid relief of negative emotions such as anxiety, depression, and anger, plus effective help for marriage difficulties.

I have trained most of the therapists in my suite in these conflict-resolution treatment methodologies.  For more details, please see the free articles and TV program you can download from this website, my book on therapy, From Conflict to Resolution, or my therapist-training video called  The Angry Couple: Conflict-Focused Treatment.

Each of the therapy professionals in our suite also brings additional skills and areas of expertise to our total offerings.  Please see the therapists’ individual pages on this site for more details about their specialties.  Also, please feel welcome to contact the secretaries in our office to discuss the options available here.

Note however that if you need medications,  Dan Abrams, M.D. handles psychiatric medication and specializes in cases that involve both medical and psychological components.

Also, if you are seeking an alternative psychotherapy option, Dale Petterson specializes in cutting-edge energy psychology methods including EFT, Emotion Code, Body Code, and other bioenergetic and kinesiological treatments.  These  alternative forms of psychological intervention can prove especially speedy and effective for individuals with anxieties, ptsd, excessive anger, chronic negative thoughts or emotions, and blockages or difficulty making progress from other kinds of psychological treatments.  In addition, these methods often prove helpful for alleviating the subconscious psychological factors in chronic physical conditions such as stomach difficulties, multiple chemical sensitivity and a wide range of other physical disfunctions.

Availability: While my own schedule tends to run fairly full, I do try to accommodate new clients asap.

Within the suite as a whole the secretaries usually are able to schedule a time for new clients to meet with one of the therapists within twenty-four hours of weekday calls, and for sure within a week.

Fees: Within the suite the therapists’ fees range from modest (under $100 per therapy-hour) to high-end ($320 per therapy-hour).

My own fees are on the highest end as I have a national reputation and multiple publications.

Hours: I schedule clients Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, 8 to 5:00.

Other therapists in the suite offer a broad range of  weekday, late afternoon, evening, and also Saturday morning hours.

Location: Our Suite 660 is at Rose Medical Center in Denver, in the physicians’ office building at 4500 East 9th Avenue.  Parking and valet parking are available at the building.

Choosing a therapist is an important decision.

Please feel welcome to call or send the Contact Us form above to my office suite administrators,  Janet and Teresa.

Janet and Teresa are especially helpful for new clients who are trying to decide which of the therapists in the suite would be most appropriate for their particular needs and goals. They can give you further information and/or schedule appointments.

Janet and Teresa are in the office Mondays through Thursdays, 8:45 to 4:30.  Please feel welcome to phone or email them at any time.

Marriage education–an additional option

Communication and cooperative conflict resolution skills enable love to last.  They also strengthens parenting effectiveness and enhance people-skills for success in the workplace.

The interactive online marriage education program at , which is based on my book The Power of Two, offers a fun introduction to these skills.  In addition, because it is an online program, it can be accomplished at home and at a very low cost.

Marriage Education or Marriage Therapy?

Couples sometimes ask whether they should sign up for marriage skills training or for couples therapy. Marriage education teaches the communication and conflict resolution building blocks for partnership success.   Marriage therapy, in addition to teaching these essential skills, guides you in resolving the specific upsetting issues that have made for difficulties in your own marriage.

Marriage education is generally helpful for virtually all couples.  It also is significantly less expensive than therapy.  Marriage education in the online Power of Two program costs just $18 a month.

At the same time, the longer marriage difficulties have been going on, and the more upsetting they have become, the more likely that help from a therapist rather than skills training alone will be necessary for the marriage to become more loving and secure.

In marriage therapy couples learn skills for talking without tensions, and in addition use the therapist’s help to heal old hurts, resolve current conflicts, relieve negative emotions like depression, fears and angers, and rebuild their love for each other.

Looking forward to meeting you!

Susan Heitler, Ph.D. and colleagues