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Polina Kodess. Ph. D.

Licensed Psychologist,  PSY0004841

Hello, brave one!   If you are reading this page, it means that you are ready for positive changes in your life, your relationships, and your inner state of mind. It is very important that you have decided to take care of yourself.  It would be an honor for me to support you.  I am ready to help you to become the person you truly want to be.

What are we going to do in the therapy:  You will receive my genuine support and faith that you can do it, as I guide you to understanding what stops you from well-being, happiness and personal growth.

I will help you to overcome problems, establish a healthy lifestyle, build a better relationship with your loved ones, and become more confident and happy.

It is hard to change on your own. That’s why I am here to support you through this journey.

Personal statement:  I have been studying and practicing psychotherapy with clients of all ages and a variety of cultural backgrounds for the past 20 years.  Helping people is my passion. I use efficient life-changing methods with my patients to help them improve their lives. I have already helped many people and I am sure I can help you. I am certain that we will find special solutions for your unique personality and situation.

Usually people who are in a painful situation do not have enough energy to change something about it. I can teach you powerful techniques to regain your inner happiness and find your personal energy source for positive changes. Trust me, it’s possible!

My main areas of specialization are: life transitions, anxiety and depression issues, anger management and nonviolent communication; mindfulness and personal growth, relationship issues and emotional intimacy; diversity and multicultural adjustment.

I also have extended experience in coaching burnout prevention and recovery, and in helping clients to create a more comfortable work/life balance.

Languages: English, Russian.

Fees: $160 per 50-minute hour. $160 for couples per 50-minute hour.  Sliding scale fees available.

Days and Hours: Weekdays, early mornings and evenings. Available also on Saturday mornings.

Contact me: Call, text or e-mail Dr. Kodess to discuss your situation.

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