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Things Not To Say To Your Spouse?

All too often, hurtful words slip inadvertently from our mouths.  Sometimes we genuinely meant no harm.  At other times it’s worth checking in with our quiet voices.  Did we in fact mean to poke or jab?  And if so, why?

Freud wrote about jokes, saying that they really do tend to rest on subconscious truths.  “I was just kidding!”  seldom is fully true.

Fortunately, there are principles about how to communicate with your spouse (male or female) that can help you to stay in the safe-talking zone.  Honesty may be the best policy, but honesty plus tact will keep your home a happier haven.

For more thoughts on tactful communication, plus a practice worksheet, check out the PowerOfTwoMarriage blog at  Best of all, scroll down the blog post there to brighten your day with a delightfully funny music video on Things Not To Say To Your Wife.

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